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About Elk Farm Ontario

On our Elk Blog, we share our passion for elk and provide valuable information about elk farming, hunting, and conservation efforts. We also offer delicious elk recipes that showcase the versatility and unique flavor of this lean and healthy meat.

At Elk Farm Ontario, we are committed to providing our readers with useful knowledge. We believe in content and responsibility and strive to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the local environment. Join us on the Elk Blog to learn more about our farm and our love for these amazing animals.

Elk is a delicious, full-flavored red meat with a hint of sweetness. It is low in fat and cholesterol – a heart-healthy choice. It is interesting to note that elk loin is lower in fat than skinless chicken breast. We carry a wide selection of frozen elk cuts and our smoked products are hugely popular! You can find our favorite recipes on our website to get you started cooking with elk.

Our History

Elk Farm Ontario is a family farm business operated by Bill Darby and Deb Cornell. Together we purchased farmland near our home in 1989 and, after considerable research, decided to try farming elk. Our farm is located at 666 LaVallee Road North, Devlin, Ontario. We are 15 km west of the Town of Fort Frances, just north of Highway 11/71 in Northwestern Ontario.

About Author

Bill’s background is as a wildlife biologist, specializing in the deer family and later, management with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Deb was raised on a beef farm, trained as a resource technician, and worked for several years with farmers’ markets.
Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions. We’d love to talk to you.

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