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Getting Started Raising Elk

Our first elk arrived on the farm in 1995.  We typically raise 45 elk calves per year and have about 120 elk on the farm.  Once our product line was market tested we began direct marketing at farmers’ markets around Northwestern Ontario. 

Feed & Environment

The elk are provided a comfortable, natural environment within fenced paddocks. They are on natural grass pastures during the summer and fed local round bales of hay through the winter. No growth promotants, antibiotics, or steroids are used in our elks’ feed.

The "Pie" Model

Our farm layout is like pieces of a pie... Our handling barn is located in the centre of the property, with all pastures laid out around it. Elk are smart and quick, so we don’t try to herd them. The "pie model" allows us to bring them progressively closer to where we need them to be; it is much more efficient to have them come when they are called and then just close a gate behind them! The grains we feed are a supplement but also a reward when they come into the sorting pens.

Visits & Tours

Visitors are always welcome at the farm and tours are available upon request; the elk farm is a must-see when visiting the Rainy River District. Please call ahead.